At RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) the photographers share what we are not shown, testify to what they want, to their off-fields.



Adrienne Surprenant

Her favourite themes are situated at the edge between the visible and the invisible, to give the situations she approaches the complexity that helps to confront them in an honest and empathetic way.
For Adrienne, photography is an uncompromising social commitment.

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Portrait Edouard Elias

Édouard Élias

Édouard Elias is a journalist and war photographer. His approach moves towards a slow methodology, where intimacy with his subject creates an immersive practice of his photography.

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Portrait Celine Croze

Céline Croze

Céline Croze is a visual artist, born in Casablanca and living in Paris. Her mystical photography, inspired by the moving image and cinematic aesthetics, introduces the viewer to a hidden world beyond what can be seen or experienced.

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Portrait Véronique de Viguerie

Véronique de Viguerie

Véronique de Viguerie is a photojournalist based in Paris. Ironically, she describes herself as a “war photographer, mother of two, blonde and not stupid”. She is constantly driven by the desire to show what needs to be seen.

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Portrait Pierre de Vallombreuse

Pierre Vallombreuse

Pierre de Vallombreuse is a nomadic photographer, originally from the Basque Country, he divides his life between Paris and Portland (US). Since 1986, he has built up a unique photographic collection of over 140,000 images of 43 indigenous peoples around the world, paying tribute to the world’s precious diversity.

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Portrait Gabrielle Duplantier

Gabrielle Duplantier

Gabrielle Duplantier is a French-American photographer who lives in the Basque Country. Since her first steps as a photographer, she has tirelessly travelled to the same familiar places from which she draws strange landscapes, twilight moments, fragile or powerful portraits.

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Mayco Naing & Isabelle Ha Eav

Mayco Naing is an important figure in Asian photography, she was born in Burma and lives in France.
Isabelle Ha Eav is a French artist of Sino-Hispanic origin, she lives in Marseille.

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Portrait Dmitry MArkov

Dmitry Markov

Dmitry Markov is a Russian photographer, his pictures taken with an iPhone are icons of the life of ordinary people in a provincial Russia. He lives and works in Pskov, in the east of the country, at the border with Estonia.

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Portrait Anaïs Tondeur

Anaïs Tondeur

Anaïs is engaged in an interdisciplinary practice through which she explores new ways of telling the world, transforming our relationship to other living beings, and to the major cycles of the earth. Composing a form of attention laboratory, she thus develops a work through investigation and fiction, presented in the form of installations, photographs or protocols associated with alchemy.

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