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Gabrielle Duplantier


Garielle Duplantier is a Franco-American-Azorean photographer born in 1978. She lives and works in Bayonne, France.

Gabrielle Duplantier studied fine arts and history of art in the university of Bordeaux.
Back then, photography, which she had practiced since a young age, was a mere pastime.

Once she got her diploma, she decided to become independent and settled in Paris, where she worked as a photographer’s assistant or as a set photographer.

On 2002 Gabrielle moved back to the Basque country. She was inspired by this beautiful and fascinating place and began a series of images where landscapes, people and animals were captured in impressionistic photographs.

Gabrielle Duplantier’s photographic world seems to be wilfully detached from historical or social reality. Thus, her topics are not really thematic; she is on a quest for beautiful images that exist for themselves, outside of any context.

Between “accidental” shots and dark room experiments, it took her time to develop her own photographic style, inspired by painters, an essentially feminine and intimate world which shows the magic of ordinary life, with a sombre use of black and white.

Parallel to her many collaborations with the press, publishers or musicians, Gabrielle Duplantier pursued her personal work on the female portrait, one of her favourite topics. Another source of inspiration is Portugal, her home country, which she visits on a regular basis.

Her work has often been exhibited and published in France and abroad. She published many books, such as Chapelles du Pays Basque and La mer console de toutes les laideurs with writer Marie Darrieussecq at Editions Cairn, Les enfants d’ici at Editions Lezards qui bougent, then in 2014 Volta (meaning “return” in Portuguese) followed by Terres Basses in 2019, both at Editions Lamaindonne.

In 2012, Gabrielle Duplantier appeared in MONO, published by Gomma books, a monograph of the best present-day black and white photographers, along with artists such as Michael Ackerman, Trent Parke, Anders Petersen, and Roger Ballen.

She also collaborated with the Temps Zéro collective, a collective artistic project which married sound to photographic or video images.

Gabrielle Duplantier is currently represented by Galerie 127.


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FNAC collection and numerous private collections.


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