Initial Labo – Denise Zanet

“Collaboration means going a long way together. This is only possible if all the ingredients are present. From the very first meeting with Boris Pierre, our ideas about photography and photographers came together and we embarked on the first edition of Réflexivité(s).

To witness the birth of this event is a privilege, the rigour and quality in the choice of each detail, from the original typogram of the signature, to the edition of the book produced by Les Éditions de Juillet and, of course, the selection of photographers and writers, who act as vectors of this Reflexivity to the public, all demonstrate the Siamese character of our respective missions.

The one that our printers, Yonnel Leblanc, Aurélie Guillou and Flávia Peluzzo, perpetuate when they talk to photographers about printing their images on the medium, photographic printing as a vector of emotions, encounters and transmissions.”

When a noble cause, such as freedom of photographic expression, brings together creative energies, sharing takes on its full meaning.

With Denise Zanet and her team, we are proud to reveal photographic writing with the same high standards as their authors, whatever their diversity.

INITIAL LABO and REFLEXIVITÉ(S) come together as a point of confluence, an evidence.