MyBrian – Géraldine Godurowski

Géraldine Godurowski created MyBrian: a company specialized in professional translation.
With the MyBrian application we can submit a text, choose the deadline Hare or Tortoise, find out the appropriate rate and even choose a favourite translator.

MyBrian translated all of our authors’ texts into English for the book Réflexivité(s) #1 and continues its mission with our FR/EN website.

The translation of poetry or lyrical writing whose sound is just as important as the word requires a work of transcreation.
A linguistic translation made by an excellent translator was not suitable.

The message had to have the same resonance as the original, because the most important for us is to convey the emotion, while preserving the meaning, style and tone.

For Réflexivité(s), Géraldine has unearthed a rare gem:
Sasha is an Anglo-French bi-national, finishing her PhD thesis in decolonial philosophy/anthropology in Colombia.