Thursday 14 July 2022 at 6 :30 PM

La Fruitière Numérique

An exhibition opening is an important moment for the artist and the organiser. Opening a new photographic event is, as you can well imagine, an intensely emotional moment.

RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) was not a pre-meditated project, nor was it a long-standing dream.

I met Véronique de Viguerie on 18 January, we had a coffee by the canal Saint-Martin and spoke of her work, her passion, adrenaline, urgency, fragility and photographic freedom of expression.

 On 20 January, RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) was born, from a spark, a spark which has since become totally obvious.

The next day, Véronique de Viguerie accepted to become the godmother of RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S). From then on, we conceived this world, a photographic and anthropological event, a space for freedom of expression, a book dedicated to the artists and an open web site.

When I contacted Pierre de Vallombreuse a short time after,

he asked,

– Who are you ?

– Nobody, it’s the project that matters

Since then, not a day goes by without him checking in, explaining and guiding me on artistic choices. His contribution to the conception of RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) was substantial.

I could go on to tell you the whole story since that day in January till today, but it would be better to meet in person on 14 July for the Opening and until the 31st.

We’ll be waiting for you.