Boris Pierre

The word of the founder

Reflexivity(s) was born from a spark, from a sensitive momentum; it is above all the story of a passion for photography, of an encounter.

Through and beyond this event, we want to first and foremost pay tribute to this magnificent vector of emotions.

We are convinced that art helps to bring us together, to move us, to question us, to awaken our consciences, in short, to make this world a better place.

Reflexivity(ies), beyond its artistic nature, opens up a political, anthropological, sociological dimension to us, another vision of the world: the world as it is or the world as we would like it to be. This is the challenge of the gaze and its ability to set us in motion to progress in our perceptual fields.

Reflexivity(s) is a space of freedom of expression(s).

Also, it seemed appropriate to us to link writing and photography by inviting authors to enter into a dialogue.
Of these magical conversations between images and words, let’s quote this exchange between the novelist and poet Simon Johannin and Céline Croze: “Here are my words, which I tried to infuse into your images”.

We hope that this first edition of Réflexivité(s) will be a surprise, that of the real journey in this reality over which we have taken.

Reflexivity(s), photographic and anthropological manifestation, open window on the world and its contradictions, was born…

We just have to follow the path suggested by the artists.