Thursday 14 July 2022 at 8pm

La Fruitière Numérique in Lourmarin

© Véronique de Viguerie

All the photographers look forward to meeting up for RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S), as do we and our partners. We could not imagine opening RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) without throwing a party for after the opening, first amongst us, I must admit.

RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) is not for us, RÉFLEXIVITÉ(S) is for you, so we decided to party with you. It wasn’t really our priority to organise a party, so in the past few days we have been busy contacting Food-trucks, setting a bar up with some friends and through friends of friends we found KAPLAN to play some music that will get you buzzing and dancing.

A party under a beautiful starry sky in Provence.

Entry to the party on 14 July will cost 10 euros.